Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't Peek On us.

This week called for Sticky Pecan Upside Down Cupcakes. You make them right side up. This is why the pecans are at the bottom of the pan in this stage.
After baking the cupcakes, the directions say to "invert the pan". This sometimes caused commotion.

But the end result was lovely- we like to think :)
At the bottom of the cupcake pan was a a mixture of brown sugar, honey and butter. This helped to adhere the pecans and seeped into the cake to create a slightly crunchy, sweet topping. Which might be confusing because it used to be on the bottom. Upside down remember?


The only downfall to these delectables is that they are lacking in the frosting department. To fill this void we added ice cream to the freshly baked cuppies. It added the correct amount of moisture needed.

This batch was dedicated to two of our bevloved male companions,
David Alan Linder and Peter Rapheal Fredericks.

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  1. wow, how do you two not have boys lining up at your door? not only good looks, but good treats too...