Monday, May 24, 2010

Paris, Je T'aime!

Bonjour Mademoiselles et Miseurs!
Are you familiar with the phrase "like kids in a candy shop" ? Well they're thinking about changing it to "like Aim and J in Paris". Neither of us are what you would call a "dieter", however, we try to limit the amount of sweets we consume in one sitting to a normal amount. But this city's culinary excellence forced us to leave all the rules at the train stop. Every single meal consisted of us sharing a small sandwich and then a few pastries. A very balanced diet. Our friend Lindsey said it best when she described our diet by saying she felt like a stuffed animal.

We could attempt to describe our experiences, but there aren't enough words to express what our taste buds tasted. We'll let the pictures do the talking:

Chocolate Meringue
Croque Monsieur (not a sweet, but we had to share this Parisienne delicacy)
We can't remember the name of this pastry but we like to call it a double decker eclair.
The double decker eclair pre-surgery

Kristie and her chocolate eclair
A strawberry tart

Ice cream cones from ice cream Le Ils de Glaces (Ice Cream Island).

This is where we got the macaroons, meringue, croque monsieur and double decker eclair. We like to think it's the Parisienne version of Carlo's Bakery.

Unfortunately we did not photograph every treat we ate. Just add a few pain du chocolats, eclairs, croissants and let your imagination do the rest.

Paris was good to us, stay tuned for more European treats!

Aim and J

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Cheers ladies and gents!
We apologize for the delay, but better late than never. Our first stop on our European journey was London.
London is known for their comfort foods such as bangers and mash, fish and chips and shepherds pie. Unfortunately these dishes aren't too sweet. But we did find some goodies at our favorite shopping plaza: Harrods. At Harrods, everything is extravagant. We like to refer to it as the Disneyland of department stores. What's even better, Harrods has a basement with chocolates, teas, coffees, and even a few restaurants. While we wandered through, we were in search of something sweet. J was in line for chocolate when Aim stopped dead in her tracks: CUPCAKES. Cupcakes in Harrods. J instantly asked the Harrods employee to put her chocolate back (obnoxious American) and ran to her first love.


J's Lemon Cupcake

Aim's Oreo Cupcake

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Salt, Birthdays, and Bon Voyage.

Ahh we meet again.
We've been busy, real busy, but baking doesn't take a rest. Finals took their toll but we still found time to make these chocolate, salted-caramel filled cupcakes. These weren't our best creations, but you live and learn.

We learned to be conservative when adding salt to something sweet like chocolate. This recipe had potential, but due to salt overdose, they never reached their prime. Oh, one good thing about these cups: their ganache frosting called for THREE sticks of butter. It was rich and tasty.
We would like to introduce you to someone very dear to our hearts:
Allison Rae Choco
We lost Allie to Spain the past semester but we're happy to say she's back again!
To celebrate her return and her birthday we decided to bake her a little something special. We decided to keep it simple with a yellow cake with a fudge frosting. It got a little runny, which made for difficulty with decorating, as you can see, but it tasted spectacular!
It was our friend Jake's birthday, too.
Now we are left in an awkward position. We have been presented with the opportunity to travel to Europe for 5 weeks which means we will not be baking during this time. However, we have a proposition to make. How do you feel about keeping up with all of the tasty pastries and various European sweets we try while overseas?

We're feelin pretty good!

See you in Europe! Our first stop: London.