Thursday, March 4, 2010


This week, we set our eyes on a (more difficult than usual) prize, Chocolate-Covered Hi Hats. "What's a Hi Hat?", one may ask.
We would answer, "It's a dreamcake."
A dreamcake (or Hi Hat, we'll let you decide), is a chocolate cake topped with a homemade marshmallow cream filling covered with a chocolate shell.

The first step, making the cake, was no problem. The challenge came when we started the filling. While the ingredients are simple, the actions one must take to establish the appropriate cream consistency defy our normal kitchen etiquette. The directions called for a double boiler which, a) we didn't know what was and b) we didn't own.

This is what separates the little girls from the women. And us women decided to be scrappy. So we concocted our own double boiler from unmentioned household items. Little did we know the directions were to use to double boiler for 12 minutes. This was a long 12 minutes when holding together your own double boiler whilst carefully whipping your marshmallow filling.
Needless to say we walked away as women. We then piped the cupcakes with the marshmallow filling. Refrigerated. And dipped in melted chocolate.
If you're wondering if these are really as gooey as they appear to be...yes, yes they are. (Remember...they are called dreamcakes).

Disclaimer: Remember that previously mentioned gooey-ness? These cupcakes are extremely difficult to eat. After attempting several different methods, we still haven't mastered a proper eating technique.
We have a few extras lying around to the first bidders. Let us know if you're interested. Until next time...

Love Love Love,
Aim & J

P.S. Yesterday was National Cupcake Day. We hope you celebrated. We did.


  1. Probably the best cupcake I've ever eaten.
    It was, indeed, a dream.

    A+J, you are wonderful.