Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free Love.

We apologize for the delay of this Valentines-related post.

We decided that for this holiday, we would try to challenge ourselves and step it up with our presentation and decoration skills. In order to achieve this, we decided it would be helpful to pay a visit to a cake supply store. We found what we thought could have been our heaven:
You read correctly: A &J CAKE AND CANDY SUPPLIES. Chills. While the store wasn't THAT amazing, it did provide us with these fun little Valentine decorations:

Which we then learned that Aimee's special gift is most certainly not intricate decorations. Let's just say...some of her attempts looked like something she could have made at the age of 8. But Jessica is a fabulous decorator. Teamwork.
To celebrate the love of Valentines Day and to aid in the prevention of certain weight gain from weekly cupcake batches, we split up and distributed our cupcakes to our most deserving friends.

Love through cupcakes. Hope your Valentines Day was grand!

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