Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cupcakes.

In order to celebrate our homecoming to the United States and the big World Cup game on Saturday, we decided to try something new.

First, it was such a treat to bake in a kitchen bigger than our tiny apartments! Just one of the many perks to being home in the summer.
To create the soccer ball, we arranged the cupcakes into a ball shape then frosted the tops together. The idea of this pull apart cake is to overfill the cups with batter so that they bake together when they rise. However, ours didn't exactly behave like they were supposed to. We made it work anyways...

Even though the U.S. lost, we're still glad to be back in the States baking!
We sincerely missed being in the kitchen while we were in Europe.

We will be back soon with more from our European adventures.

love love love
Aim and J

Friday, June 4, 2010

Czech us out!

While our experience in Prague may not have been ideal (marijuana hotel placed in between tattoo parlor and night club, dark hairs found in the sheets, no shower head), the food was definitely up to par.
Breakfast for dessert? Yes please! These were Lindsey and Nicole's pancakes with blueberry compote.
We opted for the maple banana crepes.
We were heading back to our hotel after dinner, but were literally stopped dead in our tracks by this gelato shop.
There was a slight language and monetary barrier... but the end result was fantastic.

Many more to come!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


One word sums up our German experience: Sausage.
Sausage, sausage, sausage.


Belgium was a close second to Paris as far as best food contest goes. Since we were only there for one night, we had no time to waste. So we decided to treat ourselves to a three course meal.

Course #1: Belgian Chocolate.
Insider Tip: If you ever find yourself in Brussels, its best to go into every chocolate shop you see. Most give free samples. End result: a dozen free chocolates.

Course #2: Belgian fries with andalouse sauce.
Course #3: Belgian waffles.
We wish we would have gone for the ice cream on top of the waffle option, but the homemade whip cream was not too shabby.