Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cupnuts. (get yo mind outta the gutter)

Cupcakes + Donuts = Cupnuts.

In order to create the donut-like texture, rather than a cake-like texture, we chopped up cold tablespoons of butter and mixed it in with pastry flour.
Sometimes we bake in our personalized sweaters.
In case you can't read it:
Aim -"...and a Jay-Z song was on"
J- "true playa for real"
Anyways, when the donut/cake/hybrids came out of the oven, they were golden, lumpy and kind of resembled corn bread. Interesting.

So we made them pretty. We dipped them in chocolate glaze.
Then sprinkled them.

We liked these. We love donuts. We're also in the market for a puppy and a fireplace.
Think of how much better this family photo would look if there was a puppy on our lap and a fireplace in the background.

Never stop dreaming,

Aim & J

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