Monday, May 24, 2010

Paris, Je T'aime!

Bonjour Mademoiselles et Miseurs!
Are you familiar with the phrase "like kids in a candy shop" ? Well they're thinking about changing it to "like Aim and J in Paris". Neither of us are what you would call a "dieter", however, we try to limit the amount of sweets we consume in one sitting to a normal amount. But this city's culinary excellence forced us to leave all the rules at the train stop. Every single meal consisted of us sharing a small sandwich and then a few pastries. A very balanced diet. Our friend Lindsey said it best when she described our diet by saying she felt like a stuffed animal.

We could attempt to describe our experiences, but there aren't enough words to express what our taste buds tasted. We'll let the pictures do the talking:

Chocolate Meringue
Croque Monsieur (not a sweet, but we had to share this Parisienne delicacy)
We can't remember the name of this pastry but we like to call it a double decker eclair.
The double decker eclair pre-surgery

Kristie and her chocolate eclair
A strawberry tart

Ice cream cones from ice cream Le Ils de Glaces (Ice Cream Island).

This is where we got the macaroons, meringue, croque monsieur and double decker eclair. We like to think it's the Parisienne version of Carlo's Bakery.

Unfortunately we did not photograph every treat we ate. Just add a few pain du chocolats, eclairs, croissants and let your imagination do the rest.

Paris was good to us, stay tuned for more European treats!

Aim and J

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