Sunday, May 23, 2010


Cheers ladies and gents!
We apologize for the delay, but better late than never. Our first stop on our European journey was London.
London is known for their comfort foods such as bangers and mash, fish and chips and shepherds pie. Unfortunately these dishes aren't too sweet. But we did find some goodies at our favorite shopping plaza: Harrods. At Harrods, everything is extravagant. We like to refer to it as the Disneyland of department stores. What's even better, Harrods has a basement with chocolates, teas, coffees, and even a few restaurants. While we wandered through, we were in search of something sweet. J was in line for chocolate when Aim stopped dead in her tracks: CUPCAKES. Cupcakes in Harrods. J instantly asked the Harrods employee to put her chocolate back (obnoxious American) and ran to her first love.


J's Lemon Cupcake

Aim's Oreo Cupcake

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