Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We've got ourselves a Situation.

This past week we celebrated the blessed birth of our dear friend Peter Raphael Fredericks. To show our appreciation and love, we decided to make cupcakes of his choice that reflected his character (Italian, flashy, red velvet- essentially guido cupcakes)
Peter loves red velvet, but we decided to embrace the Italian colors. So we split our batter and colored half of it green and half of it red.
The end result: red and green velvet cake. Cream cheese frosting. Leopard print liners. Italian flags. And edible gold glitter. (purchased from A&J's of course)
The best part about distributing cupcakes at a birthday party: Seeing the love of cuppies in our friends eyes. Check it out for yourself!

Stay tuned next week for more cupcake fun as we collaborate with our creative and talented friend Rachael Lunghi.

Cupcakes, Love and Guido's,
Aim and J

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  1. Best post title yet.
    Once again, the cupcakes were delicious.
    Keep it up!