Monday, April 5, 2010

Here a Chick, Pt. 2.

How to create the cutest spring chicks possible in Six Easy Steps:

1) Batter (Coconut Almond)
2) Buttercream Frosting (challenging, but if you want to save your forearm 10 minutes of holding a handheld mixer, we suggest one of these)
3) Invert + Frost your cuppies (we used a big cupcake pan)
4) Golden Toasted Coconut
5) Raw Almonds + Licorice Strands + Chocolate Chips

6) Hatched!

No but seriously, these tasted as cute as they looked. Here's the recipe for the coconut almond cake batter. We encourage you to try it. Hope you had the happiest Easter and a marvelous Spring Break!
Love Love Love,
Aime & J

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