Saturday, January 30, 2010


On our first return to the kitchen from the Scotcharoo/Stitches incident, we decided to make Hummingbird Swirl Cupcakes. What is that, you may wonder? Well,

Hummingbird cake is a banana, pecan and pineapple cake that has a cream cheese frosting. This cupcake version adds the fruit and nuts to a yellow cupcake batter and covers the top of the cupcake with thick swirls of cream cheese frosting.

We were slightly skeptical about the combination of pineapple, cinnamon, banana, and pecan. But we were pleasantly surprised with the turnout. The pineapple and banana made for a moist cake and the cinnamon and pecan balanced it out quite nicely.

Our favorite part? The cream cheese frosting. No questions.

The cupcakes are shaped a little funny, thanks to our cheap Ikea cupcake pan. Apparently in Europe they like their cupcakes tall and skinny. Next time we promise our cupcakes will be a little more regularly shaped. We'll work on our presentation. Until next time...

Love Love Love,
Aim and J.

P.S. No wounds this time :)

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