Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cupcakes.

In order to celebrate our homecoming to the United States and the big World Cup game on Saturday, we decided to try something new.

First, it was such a treat to bake in a kitchen bigger than our tiny apartments! Just one of the many perks to being home in the summer.
To create the soccer ball, we arranged the cupcakes into a ball shape then frosted the tops together. The idea of this pull apart cake is to overfill the cups with batter so that they bake together when they rise. However, ours didn't exactly behave like they were supposed to. We made it work anyways...

Even though the U.S. lost, we're still glad to be back in the States baking!
We sincerely missed being in the kitchen while we were in Europe.

We will be back soon with more from our European adventures.

love love love
Aim and J


  1. World Cupcakes.
    i physically lolled.

  2. Jess!!!! Miss you girl! Must trade baking stories!!!!